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 Always looking for the most creative sound for you

Producing music is what Filipe Michael is most passionate about, from the early arrangement and development of a song to a full blown final master. Over the years, Filipe Michael has had the opportunity to work in various projects, covering different arrays of music genres including Pop, Rock, RnB, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Acoustic, and many more. He knows that each artist has a desire to express their music, and as a producer, he works to understand the direction and feel that the client wants to achieve with their project.

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album recording

In order to achieve the best sounds is recommendable to plan ahead every detail of each song to work; this can be achieved through the following three stages: pre-production, recording, and post-production. During those processes, our client will receive professional recomendations, creative ideas and arrangements that will help to find the final arrangement that the artist can connect with.


During this process, the main objective is to create and achieve a final arrangement that the artist can connect with. pre-production will include program sounds, synthesizers, keyboards, loops, and even a drum reference track to make it sound as close as possible to the final product. 

During the recording process, all live instruments are tracked in a studio environment. Whether you are a solo artist or prefer to use our studio musicians, Filipe Michael's team of professional recording musicians will take care of tracking your entire project, making sure to give you the highest quality recording experience. 


The last step is called post-production. Once the tracking and arrangement of the song is complete, it is time to send the project out to the Mix and Master process. This final step ensures that your project is ready to be shared with the world, meeting all of the standard industry requirements.

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Sequences are one of the most popular modern-day technologies utilized by many professional bands and touring artists. Sequences allow the artist to bring their studio quality recordings into a live setting. Most bands cannot afford to travel with 15 musicians, which is the minimum amount of people that it will take to replicate some of the sounds and layers utilized in a song.

Using sequences can bring some of those sounds and layers into the live performance setting by syncing the live band into a metronome with a computer or playback device. This creates a fuller sound that will enhance the overall sonic experience of the listener.

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sound design

Sound Design

With the advances in computer audio many famous analog synthesizers have been remodeled and added into our DAW (Digital Audio Workstations) as plugins that we can use to record or even perform live. Sound Designers are the ones that create the patches and presets that most musicians utilize when recording or performing with their laptops.


Comercial music

Commercial Music
Commercial Music are songs and instrumental tracks crafted specifically to promote a brand, or to be added as a background audio to different media or video projects. These are the audio portions that you would hear on TV and radio commercial ads or the background music that you would listen on some of your favorite movies and TV shows.

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