As a guitar player, Filipe Michael has always been passionate about great tone and versatility. His main objective is to create big full sounds that are not distracting to the listener. Filipe Michael believes that not every song needs a shredding guitar solo, but instead its more about developing parts that complement and enrich the essence of every song. Having the priviledge of studying under proffesors like "Tomo Fujita," "Dave fiuczynski," "Dan Bowden," "John Marasco" at Berklee College of Music, broadened his understanding of music theory, deepened his appreciation for, and the application of the instrument. Working with varied artists spanning multiple music styles...



Duesenberg Star Player TV (Orange).
Gretsch Duo Jet (Black).
Gibson Es-339 Custom Shop (Sunburst).

Acoustic Guitar

Larrievee LSV-11. 

Vintage Vox Ac 30 (Celestion Alnico Gold).
Kemper Profiler

Goodrich 120. 
RC Booster by Xotic. 

Tube Screamer 808 by Ibanez.
Del Mar by Bondie Effects.

Imperial Overdrive by XTS

Tumnus by Wampler
Pitch Fork by Electro Harmonix.

Nemesis Delay by Source Audio
Big Sky by Strymon.

Julia Chorus by Walrus Audio

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