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Born into a musical family in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Filipe discovered his love of music early on. At the age of seven, he was gifted his first guitar.  This early instruction, along with a passion to worship God in his local church, set Filipe on a long-term career path. 


Filipe's desire to learn and excel in his craft led him to major in Electronic Production & Design in Berklee College of Music. This learning experience exposed him to many musical styles, genres, and backgrounds that shaped his unique style and production approach.


Since then, Filipe works as the Lead Guitarist for Spanish Christian bands like Marcela Gandara, En Espiritu y En Verdad.


He also created and founded a music software company, Dream Foot Experience, developing a music software that allows musicians to control a keyboard, triggering chords, and progressions with a MIDI controller. He also works with Loop Community developing premium sequenced multitracks and he currently serves as the Music Director for Christ Church, NJ.


Filipe has performed live with well-known artists including:

Ricardo Sanchez | Anthony Evans  | Danilo Montero  | William McDowell | David and Nicole Binion | Chandler Moore | Lucia Parker | Nate Diaz | Karen Espinosa | Laila Olivera | Ingrid Rosario | Rene Gonzalez | Vanessa Vissepo | Beckah Shae | Marcos Yaroide | Love Parade | Julio Melgar | 



Ricardo Sanchez

Worship Leader

"I have personally worked with Filipe Michael on many different projects, and find he is one of the easiest and most professional musicians I have ever encountered. Filipe has a creative side that seems limitless. Every time I have challenged Filipe with something new, he has always surpassed my expectations. I personally, professionally and spiritually endorse and recommend him to assist any church, organization, or pastor."

Matt McCoy

Recording Artist & CEO of Loop Community

"Filipe is an extremely talented musician, producer and tech innovator. His creativity and motivation is inspiring to me and my team."

Donnie Rosa

Founder and Director of Joy Song Worship Conference

"Filipe is a pleasure to work with on so many levels. He has a unique grasp on what is relevant as a musician and at the same time possesses a deep understanding of the technical side to make it happen. He has been a featured teacher at our annual joysongs conference and helped many churches take that next step of excellence. His character and integrity equals his musical gift and understanding and that's a breath of fresh air"

David P Crosby

Lead Pastor Community Church

​​"Filipe serves as the Music Director of our church. As a pastor, I couldn't ask for a more Godly and gifted man to partner with in ministry. Filipe shares my passion for creating relevant worship environments where both the Holy Spirit and the unchurched feel welcome. Without men of God like Filipe, my prayers would have gone unanswered."

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