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Equipping your team to set them up for success 


Over time, music performance has evolved. In this era, technology and music go hand in hand. Today a keyboard that does not have a laptop full of sounds and pluggins, a guitar without an extensive amount of pedals and effects, or a live band that is not running Ableton live is a rarity.
Audiences have become accustomed to the idea that 3 - 4 musicians on stage can actually sound like 10, but this could never happen without  the proper technology in place.


live performance design
Filipe Michael offers custom live performance designs that will help you enhance your sound, and the quality of your performances.
  • Personalized Ableton Live setup.
  • Personalized MainStage layouts that recreate your studio keyboard sounds.
  • MIDI mapping and implementation.
  • Syncing music sequence with video elements and lyrics.
  • Syncing music sequence with ligths.


on-site evaluation
Filipe Michael's on-site evalutation is offered to houses of worhsip, proffesional bands, or organizations that want to reach their highest musical potential. Filipe Michael is passionate about helping you reach your musical goals and will do so by the following: 


  • Learning the vision and mission of your music director,

  • Assessing the status of the musical equipment used at the site,

  • Evaluating your band and their musical level, and

  • Based on the challenges presented, providing a plan of work that will help you achieve your goals.




training & developmt
One of the first steps for creating and producing great music, is to fully understand the tools and resources that are available. Filipe Michael's main goal is to see that your team or organization receives the appropriate training on the most popular music software utilized by the music industry today. If you are a producer, Sound Engineer, or a musician who wants to learn how to achieve the next level on your music technology career, Filipe Michael can help you get there.
Below you will find a list of some of the offered programs.
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